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With world-renowned architecture and views of the lake and mountains, Como is a place of staggering natural beauty. So it’s no surprise that blockbuster filmmakers have turned to the lake to convey chic continental elegance.

Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones made stylish use of the historic Villa del Balbianello, as well as the Tremezzo public garden and Picnic Meadow to create the stylish Lake Country of Princess Amidala’s homeworld of Naboo.

And one of our properties, Villa La Gaeta, made an iconic appearance in 2006’s Casino Royale, serving as the backdrop for Daniel Craig’s shootout with Mr. White, which marks the first time the actor uttered the famous words – ‘Bond. James Bond.’


Star Wars

Despite being one of the more divisive instalments in the franchise, Episode II: Attack of the Clones did at least garner widespread acclaim for its stunning imagery and cinematography.

And while much was said at the time of George LucasIndustrial Light and Magic company’s achievements in rendering vast, tangible alien worlds through CGI, perhaps the most stunning location of all wasn’t quite as extraterrestrial as you might expect.

The scenic lake country of Princess Amidala’s native Naboo was filmed in the spectacular environs of Lake Como, which does indeed possess an almost otherworldly beauty.

Situated on the verge of a gorgeous wooded peninsula, and with breathtaking lake and mountain views, the historic Villa del Babianello served as the location for the palace, and remains a popular tourist destination, both for its appearance in the film and its own rich history.

Built in 1787 on the site of a Franciscan monastery, over the years the property has served as a private home for Cardinal Angelo Maria Durini, American businessman Butler Ames and explorer Guido Monzino, leader of the first Italian expedition to climb Mount Everest.


James Bond

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With Martin Campbell and Daniel Craig attempting to revitalise the Bond franchise, filming decamped to Como for the finale and Bond’s tête-à-tête with Mr. White.

The elegant location was the perfect companion to the stylish, European aesthetic of Campbell’s rebooted franchise and was well served by the cinematography of the director’s frequent collaborator Phil Méheux.

Internationally renowned for its unique, neo-medieval architecture, the villa was designed by Adolfo and Gino Coppedè and built in 1921.

The property is constructed in a renaissance style, with additional motifs referencing the liberty period, and is built around two towers, one of which overlooks a sheer cliff face.

Perfect for secluded getaways, the Villa is today split into holiday apartments, each with a private covered lake terrace and access to the jetty.

With incredible lake views and an airy, spacious interior, Villa Gaeta is the perfect place to live your James Bond fantasy.

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